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Bringing Space To Your Backyard

If you could send anything to space, what would you send?


We are in an incredible age of space exploration and development, where people dream of attaining access to the final frontier.

At inspireFly, we want to provide a unique space experience for anyone who wants it. By putting users’ creative ideas and artwork into space to be photographed and sent back to Earth to inspire people to dream limitlessly.

Meet the team providing universal space access

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Advisors & Mentors

Dr. Kevin Schroeder

Research Scientist
Hume Center for National Security & Technology

Stephen Noel

Systems Engineer
Center for Space Science & Engineering Research

Dr. Kevin Shinpaugh

Collegiate Professor
Department of Aerospace & Ocean Engineering

Dr. Neil Cheatwood

NASA Senior Technologist, Langley Research Center

Cdr. Ronnie Nader

Mission Specialist Astronaut & Space Operations Director (EXA)

Dr. Brent Freeze

Technical Director of Irvine CubeSat STEM Program

Colin Nugen

Lockheed Martin Senior Systems Engineer, Orion Spacecraft Mission


Mission Statement

inspireFly will design and develop novel CubeSats that present a unique style of access to space for the general public, while demonstrating new technologies for future satellite and space vehicle applications.

Futuristic Vision

We will present diverse, quickly-accessible, and affordable outer space opportunities to all individuals through CubeSats and other small satellites while expanding capabilities in the space environment through our commitment to inspire, pioneer, and diversify.


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