About Us

We are an undergraduate CubeSat design team consisted of Virginia Tech students with diverse backgrounds and majors:


  • College of Engineering: Aerospace, Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Industrial, and Materials Science


  • Pamplin College of Business: Business Information Technology, Finance & Business Law, and Marketing & Management


In 2018, we participated along with other university teams in the SEDS SAT-II competition. In late 2019, we found out we won the competition and won a free launch of our product through Nanoracks. Our projected launch date is in Q3 of 2021.


Our team combines both technical and non-technical aspects to achieve our goals. The technical side consists of four subteams responsible for developing our product, ContentCube. While the non-technical side consists of three subteams responsible for the business aspects including financing, fundraising, and marketing for inspireFly and ContentCube.


Team Organization:


Benjamin Strickler

Program Manager

Simran Singh

Chief Engineer

Matthew Krivansky

Business Director

Richard Gibbons

Telemetry, Avionics, and Power Systems Lead

Sam Cullen

Attitude Determination and Control Systems Lead

Austin Welch

Payload Engineering and Imaging Systems Lead

Matthew Feggeler

Mechanical, Structural, and Thermal Systems Lead

Gavin Calarco

Strategy Lead

Tom Craig

Finance Lead

Linda Nguyen

Social Media, Marketing, and Design Lead