About Us

We are an undergraduate student satellite design team consisting of students from different college departments across Virginia Tech. At an annual SpaceVision Conference in 2018, the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) - SATII competition with Astranis and Nanoracks was released. We decided to participate and compete against teams from other universities.  In 2019, after working and turning in our proposal, we were announced the national winners with a fully-funded launch. Our expected launch is Q1 of 2023.


Our mission statement from our official proposal is listed below:

“The inspireFly team’s mission is to design and develop a novel CubeSat that presents a unique style of access to space for the general public, while demonstrating new technologies for future satellite and space vehicle applications. We will present diverse, quickly-accessible, and affordable outer space opportunities worldwide through our CubeSat, ContentCube, while expanding capabilities in the space environment." 

For the past few years, through many challenges and learning experiences, we continue to strive towards our mission and vision.  "Making Space Local" means to make space more accessible to anyone and everyone starting from the communities and people around us. We hope to inspire people with our satellite while pushing the barriers of known nanosatellite technologies.

Our team can be split into two sides: engineering and business. The engineering sub teams are in charge of the technical and build of our satellite while the business sub teams are in charge of fundraising and promoting. However, both sides of the team are important to reaching our mission.

Our Co-Founders


Benjamin Strickler

Former Project Manager


Simran Singh

Former Chief Engineer



Gwyn Schloer

Project Manager

headshot_ConnorPoole (2)

Connor Poole

Chief Engineer

headshot-Vignesh Sinha

Vignesh Sinha

Business Director


20210605_002118 (2)

Hailey Craft

Payload & Image Engineering (PIES) Co-Lead


Reegal Patel

Payload & Image Engineering (PIES) Co-Lead

1622586747138 (2)

Sanjay Puneti

Attitude, Determination, & Control Systems (ADCS) Lead


Matt Glancey

Mechanical & Structural (MS) Lead


William Suffa

 Thermal Systems (TS) Lead

HALGE1100 (3)

Joe Esser

Telemetry, Avionics, & Power Systems (TAPS) Lead


Headshot-TomCraig (2)

Tom Craig

Finance Lead

LindaNguyen (2)

Linda Nguyen

Marketing & Design Lead



                                                         Matt Krivansky            Matt Genberg             Sam Holloway               Richard Gibbons              Matt Feggeler                   Sam Cullen

                                                                  Former Business Director       Former Chief Engineer            Former ADCS Lead                     Former TAPS Lead                      Former MSTS Lead                    Former ADCS Lead