A Modern Mission For A New Space Era

Innovative Design


Magnetorquers will help control and detumble ContentCube after its deployment at 400 kilometers – after which the magnetorquers and Earth sensor will continulousy orient the CubeSat to ensure Earth will be in the background of the pictures.


ContentCube will absorb sunlight through its solar panels – providing its battery with solar energy to continuously provide itself with power.


ContentCube will have the first ever external display in space, where user uploaded images will be photographed from space with Earth in the background, creating a space selfie.

Images will be uplinked and downlinked from the Virginia Tech Ground Station and the space selfies will be redistributed once the process is complete.


ContentCube’s mechanical boom will deploy its camera half a meter away from the chassis, where the camera will have a 120° field of view picturing Earth and the display.


The NASA core flight system will be the brain of the CubeSat – commanding the uplink/downlink cycle, controlling pictures, and running health checks.

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